Prior authorization on autopilot

Tensor minimizes your team’s time spent on prior authorizations, and guarantees that authorization has been obtained prior to every procedure.

Why work with us?

Free up your staff

Reduce time spent on PA by 70% or 10 hours per week.

See more patients

Spend less time working on PA and leave more time to treat new patients.

Reduce time spent on the phone

Stop wasting hours every week on hold with insurance companies.

Minimize denials

Tensor scrubs PA requests before they go out to ensure that medical necessity is established, and required documentation is included.

Our prior authorization process

1. Determine if PA is required

Check CPT codes and chart notes against payer policies to determine whether prior authorization is required.

2. Scrub request for errors

  • Ensure medical necessity is established before PA requests are sent to the payer.
  • Check the payer’s documentation requirements against your chart notes, to minimize denials.

3. Submit request

Send documentation along with PA request via web portal, fax, or phone.

  • Web portal – Tensor’s AI logs in to the payer portal, fills out the required forms, and interprets the results.
  • Fax – Tensor’s AI generates a PA request form and electronically faxes it to the payer.
  • Phone – Tensor’s AI calls the payer, navigates the phone tree, and waits on hold until an insurance representative is available.

4. Track status & follow up

  • Persistently follow up with payers to ensure requests aren’t missed.
  • Send missing documentation or information to the payer as requested.

Speed or quality? You can have both.

PA status syncs back to your EHR

Tensor integrates with your EHR to proactively determine which procedures will require PA requests and make the status of those requests visible to you.

Analytics & insights

Tensor tracks every request and shows you summary statistics to help you understand your PA process health. Identify trends and stop denials before they happen.

View status of open requests

See a live view of all requests, including when they were submitted, when Tensor last followed up, and any history of denials or clarifications requested by the payer.

Persistent follow up

Tensor follows up with insurances companies so you don't have to. Get real-time status updates so that you know the minute your PA is approved.


  • Q: How does Tensor work?

    We have two offerings:
    1. Done-for-you service: a managed full-service solution, using our team of experienced RCM specialists to obtain prior authorizations for all required encounters in your practice.
    2. AI software for your team: an AI platform to reduce your team’s time spent on prior authorization up to 70%.

  • Q: Does Tensor integrate with my EHR?

    We integrate with all of the major EHRs, and are happy to build custom support for yours.

  • Q: What specialties does Tensor work with?

    Tensor currently works with orthopedists, dermatologists, otolaryngologists, and ophthalmologists. But we’re working on expanding our offering every day, and would be happy to chat if you’re working in another specialty.

  • Q: For your managed service, who manages the prior auth work?

    Our prior auth specialists manage your prior auth. Our PA teammates have decades of experience, and are passionate about getting providers paid. We work relentlessly to guarantee that authorization has been obtained prior to every procedure.

  • Q: Can you get PA over the phone?

    Yes. When a payer portal is unavailable Tensor will call the payer. Tensor uses the latest generation LLM-based AI to handle most of the phone call and then hands off to a human support rep to complete the interaction, allowing us to handle as many requests as your practice needs.

  • Q: Is Tensor’s AI HIPAA compliant?

    Yes. Tensor’s AI runs on our own, HIPAA-compliant servers.

Prior authorization is expensive

Physicians and their staff spend 14 hours every week on PA.
80% of physicians report that PA leads to treatment abandonment.

Put your prior authorization on autopilot